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Me. E. O. Ceopt read a paper on the methods of inducing

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If a congenital inherit-ed predisposition is to to established,

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of actual or threatened invasion by the disease, an inter-

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line of defence " was deemed, by reason of central responsi-

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summoned again until November 24th, and as I was not at

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a patient hearing, and his cases would have been impartially

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By Francis Delafield, M.D., and T. Mitchell Prudden,

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I'he Spleen is on the right side; otherwise normal. The

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any other cause, sucli as cejema of the brain (to which the

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Drainage of the Hospital.— Part of Addenbrookes Hospital, which

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which in consequence had become thick and viscid. 1 could

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Houghton, M. J., L R.C.P.Lond. Wanklyn, W. McC, L.R.C.P.Lond.

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the stimulus which it is necessary to employ in the case of

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Professor Victor Horsley's suggestion in Cunningham's

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Of course, if the Board's medical staff were the mercenaries

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gested tliat there was no interceptor trap between the drains

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Thb fourth annual meeting of Belgian laryngologists and

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there was pain in the region of the gall bladder, the liver more

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would have fallen had he not been supported. During _the

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practice. Tlie duties of an otiicer of healtli were delicate

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Mr. Simeon Snell (Sheflield) related this case. A youth

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said, to be met with in cases of hemianopia due to lesion of the optic '

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