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his successor's well-known ability as a writer and of Ijis promi-

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45. — Tekutyetr (F. S. i K Tu cheniyu paduchel sovmlest-

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rences of 1805-6-7. Typhus, seldom, however, assumed the character of

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ing to sensitive irritations proceeding from other organs, and no

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I. Nurses and students should be taught clearly the risks of

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hours is to be regarded as a result of greatly dimlTiished

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resembles the ordinary contents of the large intestine ;

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ment and discernment, and its most valuable contributions to

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that he has outgrown it. Then the school was taught in winter by the

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yourselves, and all mankind. We take courage, when such men devote

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which he injected through the rectum 4.5 grammes (about 75

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rash ; but in tonsillitis there is no history of contagion, the

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Improve Screening and Care in Federal Prisons and Jails.

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taminated another with syphilis when serving as a vaceinifer

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not to be penetrating. It seems highly improbable that, in

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and but little general disturbance beyond wlnit might be accounted for

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in favour of spontaneous origin. The subject is so interesting

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shocked at the palpable want of culture and the absence of not

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ism, whereas plasma total testosterone, free testoster-

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we have both the small and large intestines taking on this abnormal action,

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The pulmonary artery and its branches are enlarged and the seat of athero-

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Getting, and was included as a specific part of the organic world.

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of the cornea, and several ecchymotic spots are seen on

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test is called arrest of hemolysis by deviation of the complement.

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Phila. Polyclin., 1898, vii, 369.— Ariiiaignac (H.) Trau-

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sensory, admitting of neurotomy or neurectomy with-

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ficial support is again brought to bear upon it^ and fastened.

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described. (Esophagus, larynx and trachea are empty and normal ; in

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