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all the characters of that produced by disease of the mitral or tricus-

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Experiment 2. — Under scopolamin and ether anesthesia the abdomen of a

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measles and influenza in childhood. There was edema of the feet and legs, but

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breath to denounce the mischief of *' modern civilisation."

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Illustrations of the wide topic upon which we now enter occur on

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Under direct causes may be included thus the paroxysms of angina

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myocardial degeneration, paroxysms lasting from a few minutes to

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be found in all parts of the body. It not infrequently leads to occlu-

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slept, but woke during the night and became suddenly convulsed (as

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muscle draws more and more upon its reserve force. Age advances.

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seems evident that white wheat bread is least desirable for the dia-

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decreased in frequency and force. Samuelson recorded a case in which

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Buxton and Torrey (Buxton, B. H., and Torrey, J. C. : Absorption from the

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dants in these institutions become affected. I know of no instance in Illinois. In

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peritoneal cavity was called out by a previous injection of weak tur-

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a symptom of myxoedema is shown by the return of menstruation

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From these four experiments it is seen that the removal of the

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ventricle is able to counteract the effect of the regurgitation at the

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and is desquamated. The accumulation of these cells may start

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the results are oedema of the lower extremities and ascites. The sac

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are any signs of disease in the animal or in the gland itself it must be

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in exophthalmic goitre, and (5) the occurrence of myxcedema after re-

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yeins. He also held that the goitre was the essential feature of the

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pressure in the pulmonary artery reaches an extreme degree, in con-

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and find that they should have had over 2,000 grandfathers, the number

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Fig. 3. — The distribution, according to age in years at the onset of the initial

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the less important. When the temperature becomes normal the dis-

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statistics. The immediate, or so-called efficient causes of disease are

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the chest. Sturges found relief in children of the dyspnoea which

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ventricular complexes have a much more normal form than after the shorter

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periods of quiescence, but the tendency is toward advance and exten-

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tioned that this old woman recovered from the 1913 attack and has

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strips from the virgin cat the 1 to 1,000 and the 1 to 500 solutions were without

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largo and tinner in consistence than in exophthalmic goitre. Pul-

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cause was, as had been foreshadowed by Bright, obstruction in the

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frequent is the separation of smaller masses with embolism in the

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liability to arteritis at the various ages. While in the subjects

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ventricles have ceased. As the heart beats more slowly, there is a

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heart under the pericardium and along the furrows formed by the

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or less degree. Trousseau long ago insisted that the powerlessness

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to splenic function. The uric acid elimination before operation can not

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often of much value. Strophanthus must be used with great caution

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6. It is impossible to say when a patient has definitely recovered

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oxalate plasma were procured by heart puncture from ten to 192 hours after

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