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of the word) had attempted to trephine with a carpenter's center-bit! He
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brace (illustrated). The brace is made of spring steel and comes in
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Much of the work upon the protozoa as parasitic organisms
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determining the true average temperature of the mass.
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discharge if there was at least one readmission within each
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the atmospheric and terrene emanations that produce
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It possesses the following advantages : It is clean, light, and portable ; it
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most it would only be the quenching of a fire which
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greater future, the land of the snow and the sunshine, the land
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that Remak and Benedikt claim to have obtained good results by the use
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and four drachms, (one-half ounce) of formula No. 2.
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ing so ever afterward. The internal pain was now changed over to the
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Nov. 13, 1873. — Dr. Chase read a paper on Hydrocephalus. After
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throughout the body, the blood-pressure may still remain con-
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rbid Oefieieney of Arterial Blood within the Skull,

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