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ply a library adequate to meet the needs of those most fully occupied in

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It may be regarded as an evidence that the obstruction is above the

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Starling Medical College, Columbus, O. Revised and edited by William

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Deutsche Ztschr. f. Chir., Leipz., 1896-7, xliv, 472-482.—

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I believed, and still believe, the patient was verging on

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not be borne at all by some subjects. It is contraindicated in aortic

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perineal one. At the end of a certain time the drainage-

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Hemoglobin. The type of anemia is the chlorotic form, viz., the

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of this lesion is now represented by a depressed atrophic scar. Some

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little may be eaten in the afternoon by a child. But as long as a person wakes

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the larynx. The following morning the cough was croupy, the voice was un-

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riles were to be heard ; tubercle bacilli in the sputum

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Is it not, then, right and proper that syphilis should

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fourth case in the second zone. Pellagrin 1081, was a girl eleven years

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fused central retina. As retinal thickening occurs, photo-

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dropsical leg or scrotum. Idiopathic erysipelas is, however, very

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Bhushan Jayarao, DVM, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of

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a plastic kind along the track of the needle, and thereby the

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maintain a good faculty of medicine in the capital of

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[(() the average curve of temperature and hematokrit readings,

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electrodes applied on its surface as at first, repeated trials being at-

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there was no visible peristalsis. Pain and tenderness

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not relieve, while lancing the child's gums caused in 24 hours

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altogether disappears. Though the cessation of cholera usually

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the first two. Now the patient was voiding urine with great

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sands of practitioners. It takes the edge the change was slow and weak, and he re-

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Canadian, relative value on English market 276. 277, 278

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Very instructive also are the good results obtained by Professor Playfair,

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It will be found that if in its course of development

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sented before the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, November,

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The diagnosis of the disease itself is not difficult, but of the stage or the

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