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The tumor increased, and, on March -ith, Dr. Marcy, with the as-

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speed — speed and free decompression. The brain itself is

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jide. If the cause of death be obscure after the general examination of the

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at a glance the tendency of systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure to

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time in a half empty receptacle. It is the author's custom to buy a 500 gram can

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no pain at any part of the spine, except at the back of the neck. Great pain in the

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}>eared on the 1st of October. The Journal of Psychological

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Such are the most prominent differences usually assigned by anatom i« to

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13. Bush, D., Latton, S., Uttech, S., Arensen, R., Remington, P.L. Regional differences in

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eye-micrometer correspond with one of those magnified by the microscope,

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quent lesion is hyaline degeneration of the walls of the arteries, which

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ity are usually much slower in their development. That the dis-

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Acland, Henricus Wentworth, Soc. Regix Soc, Med. Prof.

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by looking up cases, and by operating on two cases,

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and closely resembles lobar pneumonia, and certa'in complica-

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tore della librina. Atti Cong. gen. d. Ass. med. ital. 1880,

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therapy It actual syncope occurs, patients should be told to discontinue the drug until they have consulted with

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dices, occupies over 200 pages. It notices the subjects of

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fluid which, however, shows a clear haemoglobin tinged fluid when cen-

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These investigations show that the action of eucaine is analogous to

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in a semi-dark room, may account for the reduced numbers in the glass vessel

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The inflammation is usually confined to one side but in a small

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eral possible causes, any of which might be the chief one in

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The English government recently sent a say, 8 or 10 per cent.

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judiciously selected, the operation, if carefully performed, might

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