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the application of the same lotion, but differently applied. Such, therefore,

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by the medical student in the larger cities. The professor moves to a larger

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saying, that it is the most safe and speedily efficacious remedy I have ever

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|)lague. Its early recognition and the prompt action

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In this case we see that the jugular vein may have been wounded, and

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nothing to be desired. In another case, one of traumatic

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Medical AssociA-noN, and was a vice-president of the Inter-

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reducing shock. He gives the details of his experiments to

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the long axis of the splint coincides with the anterior

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thirst, burning pain ; epigastrium exquisitely tender. We gave him half a

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possibly result from the precipitation of the salts from the

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All non-vacdnated pupils in the schools of Kingston, Ont.,

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mon occurrence; but it is never fatal unless connected with other present

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merely in the division of the conjunctiva, which has been long practised by

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seated nsEvus successfully treated in this way, which does not appear to be

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1835. on going down into his cellar had a stronger and more threatening

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formation of disagreeable cicatrices. Sometimes cases

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the infectious nature of tuberculosis, by systematic inoc-

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behind the angle of the jaw, and the carotid artery had been previously tied

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the body which does not show more or less deviation

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tutional symptoms, uric acid being only a product of

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the question of its being incited, or caused by, and having

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the silence of the forest, is deadened by the unaccustomed din of labour; —

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or two, coated tongue, then severe pain in the epigas-

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eg. of the compound persulphates, making, therefore, in solu-

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Medical Association, held at Atlantic City, N. J., June 5-8, 1900.

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