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and probe the dimensions of the stone, the cavity was opened to the extent

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tions of the ethmoidal and turbinated bones ; but in the majority

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be incomplete without reference to the method of anti-inoculation.

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out with pure dissolved carbolic acid. On the following

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Neumann. Translated by Lucius D. Bulkley, A. M., M. D. Hlus-

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lectively demonstrate that, during the systole of the ventricle,

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neal edge. The right eye presented a very different aspect.

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the lean one (he may not eat nearly as much in fact),

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larvsB may be reared easily by keeping them in p(n-celain dishes

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provided they were not brought too close to the eye.

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Sir, — I send you a full report of the trial " On the

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lible method of ascertaining by the use of the telephone how

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providing all surgical needs as well as all other care, and a full range of preventive services, including physical

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with the gastroscope they saw (in life they could see what was

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He states that the sacrifice of time, and that during the most

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wells remote from danger, and hence it might seem that suspicion

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