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Delaware Drury Hinton, Drexel Hill Augustus H. Clagett, Upper Darby
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Philadelphia. — The auxiliary celebrated its eight-
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this requires the sympathetic co-operation of many fac-
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lordosis, ankylosis of the jaw, and other conditions
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marked so that each is easily distinguishable. For the
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Philadelphia— Joseph C. Birdsall, Theodore R. Fet-
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Crawford Kenneth A. Hines, Meadville Tohn C. Davis. Meadville
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proves that no one of them is entirely satisfactory. The
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Herbert T. Kelly, 1900 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Chairman
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knowledge of the problems raised by injuries to the
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Health. It is suggested that the Board of Trustees of
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changed, unless it be for the better. Rather than lower the quality of a product we should abandon
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drink during a cholera season to lessen the danger of an attack.
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provide anything that is being lost in the tissues.
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is ever alert to the best interests of organized medicine
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ting' 1 his third complete set of teeth. — California Med. Rec.
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membership. It was regularly moved and seconded that they be
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pains, chiefly in the head, but also in various parts of the body :
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be canceled and that the reasons for the canceling of
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in watery solution injected into the cellular tissue of left arm ;
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pointing a committee to act on the matter for presenta-
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while the father’s and the baby’s were Rh positive.
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1 — 10 cc. vial 5 U.S.P. Injectable Units per cc. (50 units)
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The many-sidedness of his nature was truly astounding.
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ried or to-be-married man, his future is particularly threatening if
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day-to-day duties. A brief announcement is enclosed.
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Whereas, The State Department of Welfare has established
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siderable time explaining the difficulties in obtaining
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Surg. Age: Mobile County Medical Society at a recent meeting
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depression, has been twisting and squirming to avoid
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much inclined to sympathize not only with the motive
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line of the “reserve eye” theory, as any decisions
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who calls on you a reliable source of helpful suggestions.
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if union is not obtained in two or even four months.
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and particularly in those repairs in which a satisfactory
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feelings and ask whether he’s happy or not. The full
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Society of the State of Pennsylvania, at the request of
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of the State of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Session, Oct. 7, 1942.
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journals would soon cease to be filled with long letters complain-

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