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Bleeding, mercury, opium, the very remedies j^ou used in
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Brayton H. Ransom, B. Sc, A. M., Ph. D., Chief of the Division of Zoology,
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ceeded the inventor's expectations, and many have been disappointed in
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a recurrence of his rheumatism, and consequently to aggravation of his
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If it is considered that, even after such a reading has
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piration was irregular, and the whole muscular system ap-
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severe cases occurring in children I never commence
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vided; Mosquito bars may be used over bunks, but these are nothing
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neither of them was strangulated, and yet the patient had
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an early localized stage. This aspect, that of early
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of diphtheria in the communities under consideration. This conckision is
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the grove are green as ever, and the altar of the goddess is loaded
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other small nerve, from the sympathetic, going to the same plexus,
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greatest possible pleasure to me, and if I was able to contribute
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is all meat and marrow, while the range is as wide as medicine and surgery.
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30 years of age, who was brought to the hospital with com-
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unusual exposure to cold and wet. The pain and swelling had
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his new position until some time next year, his place in
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J3. Mother dead at 53, "menopause." Patient one of eight
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could not be well made out until her death, which soon
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The chief benefit of the drug, therefore, is evidently apparent
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expression, and of mental exaltation with excitement ;
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primipara, aged eighteen, appeared to be pregnant of twins, but two hearts
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too far in one direction is then to rebound too far in the
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by full pathologic descriptions, the pathologic data having been obtained
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cussed by A. R. Peebles, M. D., and W. P. Harlow, A.B., M.
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Dr. J. Hall Davis describes a very unique case of retention of the menses after
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Their pathological importance. — Only one of these
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lies before the medical student. What are they t The univer-
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Institute of Anthropology ; Civil Engineers' Club ; Cleveland
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dition could, with certainty, be discovered. She had no enlargement of the
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arrangements, he cannot set himself to pack his portmanteau. In the case

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