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ciety at Paris, Palais de I'lndustrie, door No. IV."

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of suppuration, or of any morbid fluid or of previous inflammation, but

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In an interesting lecture on the subject of Excision of Joints, four

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issues." Mr. Syme afterwards published a pamphlet called

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A utopsy. — The tumour filled the nasal cavities and three fourths of

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Fig. 41. — Prostate of dog. General structure. x about 16. i. Fibroid tissue infiltrated

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Wilks had given it in other cases, and again in the present one. The

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direction, has the advantage over the preceding of leaving no mark.

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was his reputation with the pupils lessened by the fact that he was well

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of the right lung, near its base, one large tumour had eaten thiough the

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for some little time a distinct whiff (systolic) at the left third cartilage.

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evidently was running over in his mind the symptoms

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thigh near the knee-joint, caused by the pig rushing at him. Ihe pain

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