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may be obtained by altering the mode of contraction of the
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Dieuy Paris. By A. Tbousseaij^ Professor of Clinical
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Buffalo Lithia Water in the Treatment of Stone in the Bladder,
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its action should be suspended. 7. As a diuretic it is only of
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ternal parasites which also occur in man. Seven of these are of academic
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cians in consultation in two or three cases of placenta previa, and all of you
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glycosuria follows the administration of more than 250 grms. of sugar ;
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ring their convalescence, and their diets required equal atten-
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so as to keep the surface continually sore; also 2 grs. sub-nitrate
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glycogen, in which case more glucose is left in the circulation
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annual should be — but faced with realities we have had
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of his Bill— for it is a new Bill, a new Mcdital Act. He says,
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City Hospital, 2; Bellevue Hospital, 19; Battery Bar-
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188-203. Also: N". Orl. M. & S. J.. 1888-9, n. s., xvi, 1-16.
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based upon Schwarz's experiments which showed that the
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ings, the essential pabulum of life, are specially irritating, and are
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plugs (Group 1) and those patients who did not develop
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storms of winter. Each season, with its everchanping
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resulting in headache, malaise, nausea or vomiting and pyrexia. After
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Various results necessarily follow from such a history ; one,
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it has no more special connection than any other lesion of that organ.
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disease, and in these cases pulmonary tuberculosis may develop as a secondary
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increase in the number of incinerations, while that in Paris heads the list with 532,
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sons vaccinated, twenty fail to be protected permanently ; that all persons
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studies are currently in progress to evaluate irradiation
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free left margin of the membrane, the large arteries and wins
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the majority of them, under penalty of falling into the succeeding class.
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uor four -f cop^irf head. ] Having iour neads : —
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attack of typhoid gives immunity to a greater or less degree and usually

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