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water. Is free from pain everywhere; pulse 120, weak; mind

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ture of internal aneurisms is such that any remedy whicli holds out

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the nervous system : Valerian, Ammonium, Ferric and

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by the dispenser and serve as a sample, or a domestic

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Among 80 many hospitals, it was hardly to be expected that all

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IGlh. — Remains same. Fl. ext. ergot, 3 i. ; 10 drops ev. 4 hrs. Deli-

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morphine have led to fatality in cattle. Fifteen to thirty

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odorless ; taste acrid ; powder of a grayish color ; insoliible

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II. Symptoms. — The patient is attacked, without warning, with a

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brought down the Handbook to that date, introducing, as far as was

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Properties. — A clear, colorless liquid, odorless, having a

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The malformation here noticed is not, properly speaking', a fissun; in

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Bi'x wcoks to tvro months, (luriiifr wliich the disease is subject to rc-

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during anaesthesia, especially with chloroform, since it is

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pilla to an extent equal or greater than that of the papilla itself, so

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rale of ihe outward current, from this specilic levity.

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tive prevalence of consumption throughout the State. It should be

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The glands and hairs from the capsules of Mallotus^

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. but is jtarticularly sensitive to sweet. A sweet sensation.

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experiments made by him recently in the use of vaccine scabs obtain-

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given as antidotes. Tracheotomy may be indicated, if there

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Sh. & Sw., dr. 2-6 (cc. 8.-24.). D., m. 3 30 (cc. .2-2.).

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man's occupation, which was of such a character as to constantly

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for pharmaceutical or medicinal purposes, when assayed

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clots of fibrine in the cavities of the heart. Valves, with the ex-

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trustworthy antidote. Hence its medicinal power being not only re-

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best agents for moving the bowels in the case of puppies and

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"roaring." The ointment is rubbed on splints every third

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Dr. BowniTcrx o\ the C.\ of Con.'Tmptiox ix Mas.^achusrtts. —

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the 14th of February, also states that the patient on whom M. Nela-

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burned in such quantities tliat the vapor is capable of being

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t^veen 40 and 60 years, 8— above 60 years, 9. IJom in the United States, 49-^Ii-eland, 25—

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cal Improvement, on page 433 of tliis week's Journal, when Dr. Geo.

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Elimination. — The bromides are eliminated unchanged

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njt'ctiun of nearly 15 percent. dT tliose who applied inr e.\anjiiiutii)n.

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be sworn. Each Inspector shall give notice of his appointment by publishing the

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be kept in small, dark, amber-colored vials. (U. S. P.)

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Tho knapf?ack is covered with calf-skin, dressed with the hair on,

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account, or if the latter cannot be considered decisive, will only too

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terminations of the intestinal inhibitory nerve (splanchnic),

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