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are absolute indications 1;o this form of treatment. — Bulletin gtndral de Thira-

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require this quantity of sugar of milk — 63 quintillions 775 quad-

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an appendix, which for some four years past has been advan-

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see its internal surface every where continuous, smooth, and hav-

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so that diabetics thrive on it, better results being obtained from

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ter whether it is positively or negatively charged, and no mat-

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the exhausting suppuration likely to ensue ; but that amputation

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others, to deprive them of the pleasure of charming us by

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ting from such an ordeal, should be quite sufficient, In my mind, to

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surface of the body and those which were the effect of changes

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sis of the phenomena attending their course ; and this has

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capable of explanation than the conversion of albumin into globulin.

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taught that the nuclei of stones formed in the kidney and

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continuous suture until you reach the outer and lower part

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cardium death does not long delay, but if it opens into the

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body is composed mainly of hyaline cartilage, with a few dry spots of calcifica-

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had constructed a large metal chamber, capable of her

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but served as a very good swap for anything I might carry

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Prison. He has been confined to his room nearly twelve weeks ; he was

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and it took some time to separate, as it was diffused over a very large space.

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of its weight. He strongly urges that no silk material should be worn

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The fineness of the powder is a determining factor in the

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more sensitive to the action of a poison than that which was emaci-

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Plate III. View of the same lung laid open by a section from apex to base

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of filaria whose embryos may appear in tlie blood of

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be applied, followed by warm fomentations. Dec. 18th. — There have been remissions

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Pathological Anatomy. — There is frequently enlargement

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chyma is chiefly, and perhaps primarily, involved, and there is little or no

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is less than in men. In men laborious occupation, greater

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