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case of hemorrhagic purpura in a previously healthy man of 21.
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less be received with pleasure by all concerned. — J. Pike & Co.]
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sands of practitioners. It takes the edge the change was slow and weak, and he re-
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of the integuments of the abdomen do not differ from ordinary wounds ; the
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vious. There was a considerable quantity of serum in the
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He has mentioned the classical methods that are employed in
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the hair-like double penis may sometimes be seen pro-
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the end of forty-eight hours they all disappear, and he can find no
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give rise to criminal investigations, he assumes that the birth of the child takes
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fitter, and I have given him no arsenic, and I cannot learn that he has
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union with collodion, which he sprinkled, when not quite dry,
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tumor above the fundus of the bladder. Only one ovary
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3. That if, especially in an adult male patient, any one of the
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Gazelles in Jardin d'Acclimatisation, cattle-plague
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in the heat-regulating function of the body which commonly mani-
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Taunton, 5s. ; C. H. Carter, Pewsey, 10s. (id. ; J. E.
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and my own experience has taught me that sharp pain, with fever-
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gestation at which the woman has arrived. If the discharge
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recorded. The exceptions have neither fermented nor putrefied, as
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is a fair healthy man, aged 30, and the ; amputation we need not say more than that
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This was the order of things in the following years of scarlatina:
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diet and by drinking water in the morning before breakfast rather
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weighs 11 07.. (.SI 2 grm.), precisely the same weight as the Orme-
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of his bed, and his accouterments will be hung, neatly and uniformly arranged,
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The first group includes certain chrome lesions which
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This strange fact can only be explained by the sug-
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dament (internal or external piles;) or protrusion and distention of one
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two times twenty-four hours ? in other words, why do the paroxysms
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from each other, and which must scientifically be sepa-
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absorb. We knew this long before Billroth wrote. The cause of the mischief
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