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the uterus, proved it to be the result of tubercular softening.
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ail we should be early ou the alert, and watchful and careful in
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influence, as pressure or the act of speaking or swallowing, is only
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us a little time to reprint the April and December numbers.
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ment of Koch's bacillus is that in which there is a deficiencv of those
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quite relieved of jiain after the first fifteen or twenty
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sense of weight in the loins and complain of pain of varying character,
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teacher added to the fame of the institution both at
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list of all the articles published on any given medical subject.
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We are fully aware of the ease with which the calculus can
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Mr. Hilton next contributes some of his clinical lectures,
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West, Jasper Daniel, a, w, sp, Memphis, Tenn. A.B. (U. of North Carolina) '24.
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after one or two drinks of the vile stuff that is sold them they
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from nervous accidents, and this is sufficient to demonstrate the
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politan Life Insurance Company has agreed, if the State can not, or
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coronary thrombosis, higher doses are reportedly associated
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returning in time to commence his duties in his new field of
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J. W. SHERFY, M. D., Act. Passed Assist. Surg. U. S. N.
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sent, and but few delegates presented themselves, among whom was
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— a question expressed with just enough wit and a slight touch of
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version had been effected, obliged eventually to perforate the head, and
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Several of the filtrates after being incubated for eleven days with
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increased, the patient had gained flesh, and his bowels were more regular.
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The outcome of the tests is not so consistent as we would wish.
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these mild infections occur among guinea pigs inoculated with the
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eter immediately sets himself up as an authority, without regard to the accu-
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sidered as a sub-group of the class of trophic dermatoneuroses.
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of paresis. The will power is enfeebled and the patients spend days
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as quickly as possible, the canula was introduced sideways without removing
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only of the surface of the heart or the whole of it. I have seen it
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Celsus was not a medical man, but, whether or not, he has left
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in almost all cases in which the symptoms are not relieved by large doses of
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After some weeks' treatment his scalp healed and he made a
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cision in Roentgenology," which was to involve some orig-
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these, examples may be found in works of easy access. In a word,
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admit the passage of a finger, I have commonly found that the
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seated. In view of these points of difference f^om other forms of pneu-
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skilled surgeon. It must be remembered that even an experienced
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up from the cyst) I cannot explain. It would be easily under-

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