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healthy ; there was no enlargement of the liver ; no albumen

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tioos for Degrees in the University of Edinburgh were completed last

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but only minute traces of lupus. On the upper gum and on

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Still another important association is between the nerves arising

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to bear on medical agencies to follow in the same line. I

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prising Appliances connected with the various branches of

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(1) The venous sinuses were likewise compressed in every case but two ;

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In examination of the ear the watch should be first used to note

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save the great building, and the " firewomen," with whom

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From the intestinal wall the carbohydrate stream flows through

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surface of the curette. P.y this means, and more especially

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We have no space to give more "elegant extracts " from

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skin. After the disease had subsided this protective mask j>eeled

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renals, and he believed at first that any disease which entirely de-

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M.D. London : George Bell and Sons. 1893. (Crown 8vo,

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then diabetes in severe form follows. When more than one-tenth of

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the girl could not swallow, and, second, because we had no medicines

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