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had been credited with having upheld the doctrine, but he (Dr.

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Dr. Post suggested that it might be due to the bile, notwithstand-

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(2) The stomach goes thi-ough about 220 sections corresponding to a

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spread widely apart, and, in time, swinging to and fro, made an

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the application for an hour, at the end of which time the limb

bactrim antibiotic buy online uk

vations of Sir B. Brodie (' Lectures on Pathology,' p. 66) and others clearly

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cholera, which appeared in Mecca June 9th, is increas-

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from 20 to 40 milligrammes (3 to f of a grain) two or three times

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to a child ; and the visual impression excited was communicated

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under the pin. A pad 2 inches square of 12 layers of bandage gauze,

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night should be allowed; one from the sixth week to

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place. They develop most luxuriantly in localities where the skin is

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a National health-organization that seems to us to be

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to attach a perineal strap ; even with this procedure a few

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brcatliin^' thri>iij;h the immlh !*|n'rilicjilly inddiicfd Iho spasins;

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not larger than the terminal phalanx of the little finger, and

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to consider the machinery which enables the Institu-

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5. Jackson GG: Toxicity part la: commentary in Jackson GG (ed) :

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right eye. Ai)]')earance of eye perfectly natural. Patient had a variety

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standing; a large orifice was made, and the blood flowed pretty

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premonitory symptoms are often absent. IV. Tliat contagion

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lished or assured. The local application of 30 per cent, solution of

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shape of the fibres was present. The size of the fibres varied to a

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which is not dealt with in a manner worthy of the wide experience and

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origin ma} - originate from two causes whose bacillar contact is atmospheric,

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soon coagulates, forming an uniform soft ! in temperature; its influence extends more

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to groan and shriek. The wound caused by amputating the thumb rapidly

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luxated side was some lines further from the centre of the pubis than

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