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dinner at .5..30 p m. — charge 6s., exclusive of wine. The following com-

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fact the hour was considerably exceeded — the kind readiness

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Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel R. N. Macpiierson is placed on

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perforation or gangrene of the appendix may be regarded as

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lobes. The paralysis in the present case was more complete

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from the British Institute of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Colville : Alcoholic

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milk or any other particular diet were fallacious, and the only

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recuperative power. Those influences which lessen the

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have no power to avert. The Council is endeavouring to

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rogative of laying down rules in connection with the appoint-

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being placed here has the advantage of being further away

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(Sanitary and Atnbulance Appliances) will afibrd about 4,000

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markable that they should have left altogether disregarded in the de-

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peror of Austria conferred on him the Order of Leopold, and

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out-patients, but under the misleading title of " casualties,"

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frequency, but he is doubtful of the correctness of the com-

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brought out this evening showing the number of people who

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October 26th, 1893. Candidates for election by the Council

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Bepbints and Teanslations of Easlt Conteibctions to

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condition. Both began to improve almost at once when iron was sub-

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spiratory sounds over the right tliorax. Tapping was had re-

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ter, Liverpool, and Burnley. The mortality from scarlet fever and

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However this may be, it is a fact that had Surgeon- Colonel

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fences of a country depend for their efficient working

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When to the mucilage of starch and the pancreatic solution

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retire through ill-health before promotion, the far-reaching

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chamber is provided, so that it is not airtight. The pipes

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H. OpTiTSXi.iLoi.OGY.— President : G. E. Williamson, F.E.C.S.

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omission is made in the enumeration of preventive measures

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inflammatory mass it certainly was. It appeared almost sud-

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extent to which it is propagated by these means is exceed-

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performed four weeks later. The patient was a married

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Surgeon-Major W. H. Briggs, recently reinstated. Is

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