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Mussulmans from India, the natural habitat of the cholera

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pathogenesis, is that first proposed by Lubarsch, hypernephroma. '

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be strictly based upon those cadaveric phenomena, however various,

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The arrangements for the meeting at Detroit, having

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if the pad is made to sink down by itself, two inequalities

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to the kilogrannne increases from the normal standard, \'2, to 4*2. 3.

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of the organs most immediately affected, or in which

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tion, about twenty five per cent, of albumin present ; with

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This maneuver may be assisted by raising the foot of the bed and

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of pain in his head, v.hich pain he felt yesterday for the first

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have any influence on the appearance of the rash, save that

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course within the last fifteen or twenty years between different lands

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215-217. — Scliwarzbach (B.) Electro-maguet opera-

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Reports of the Registrar-General show that at least 100,000 to

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except during sleep. However carefully we may cleanse the teeth and

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haustion cools and also supersaturates the air, and

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