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Thus, although there be a proper quantity or quality of food, there may

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ening due to the head and neck of the bone being partially absorl>ed,

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the disease from entering Chicago by preventing its coming

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ignored, and are now suffering the consequence of our

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of an individual’s report to the school board or division

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aT« respectfully solicited from every source. Articles should be practical and cai-efully prepared.

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tiation is ill-defined, vicarious function is readily fulfilled.

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true septicaemia, though such cases have been recorded by Rosen-

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frail physical existence when he dictated his own epitaph,

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seem to have been the most highly esteemed. Unfortu-

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to miliary tuberculosis, after the lapse of a fortnight, or a few days

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Lower lobe is solidified, in a state of red hepatization, the air cells

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animal, after uttering a few horrible shrieks, struggled and almost

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the Atlantic. At preseut it is generally recognized, however, even in Boston,

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made, particularly by the London City Corporation and by the

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drains upon the reserved fund of life. In many cases the supply

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fore the Massachusetts Medical Society in June last on *' Antitoxin

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after this test has long been held as proof of the lytic activity which

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after the first treatment the cough loosened, and after

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later he was made State Geologist of Maine, and spent

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Results of Tuberculin Treatment at the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium. —

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the existence of resonance above and in the flank and of dulness over the

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In C. R. Marshall's article on " Quinine " in Hale White's

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and that action would be taken on them at the follow-

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growth is the so-called mixed tumor, which has puzzled pathologists

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Newport, Himantarium gervaisi, Stigmatogastev subterraneus.

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patient had taken another dose, he would have died. ( ' Med. Gaz.' Sept.

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the material adhere firmly to the cover-glass. By this means

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ed in the disease. The extractum cannabis was given in

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[We hare deferred the further consideration of this important

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occurred af\er the visitations had commenced. If of the

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