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Nizoral Hair Thinning

in the tropics is about 0-5° higher than in the Temperate Zone. In

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urged that in all doubtful cases exploratory measures

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the State Legislature, be requested to urge the passage

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the Spine and the Acute Suppurative Perimeningitis,'' was read by

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by a series of perfectly unintelligible sounds arranged

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10 The Busy Doctor Stereotype, by Thomas J. James, Medical College

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ceding vote is an honorable proof of their vigilance and

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so in low-lying districts than on the hills. It may appear at all

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fully conscious state, or primary reflex actions, as un-

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tion and inculcation of which, by the various Sanitary Com-

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cal chemical phenomena. As, for instance, when the patient

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adult rachitic dwarf is short because his legs are so bowed. They may have

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himself loose from the Sangredos who were preparing

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German literature, and whose original work in the same field

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was called America’s first plastic surgeon. “A genius of his time,” summed up an

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In destroying the functions of the cerebrum in pigeons by

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L, D. Cruikshanks, M.D., Cobden Crescent, Edinburgh,

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(2) Acute Diffuse Interstitial Myocarditis. — Here the primary alterations

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thing else in the vegetable kingdom. But phosphorus is not

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or its absence and the presence or absence of the various enzymes are salient

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m a boy aged eleven, who was treated by x-ravs. At the

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other situation indicates similarity of function, it would be

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say a word about the action of the arteries " being far great-

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the cord. In cases of injury to the spinal cord very low down,

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of which will be lost if the gangrene makes fresh advances.

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the faradic current, or vice versa. It is important that both cur-

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different in every other respect, it must be unessential, at least in

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turned to mutilation rather than repair, an especially

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Clanny, W. R. : Compression and RarefiEiction of Air om. the Human

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siderable practicable importance and the experiments

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and calculated to enlighten the dark parts of medical science. The many

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concussion or slight contusion of the hip-joint would be much more

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hand tremulous. The only atrophy visiblje is in the outer part of the left

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