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numbers of the people. The disease is then said to be epidemic
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2. Somewhat in contrast to the production of altered reactivity is the
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Of the Treatment. — The profession in general, Avhatever may be their
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modics. Classed under this head, also, are a number of drugs,
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the mi^oi'i^y of cases, should be kept within doors until the inflammation
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head of Lake Nyassa, or by the Zambesi and S'nire to the
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IV. A£la Inftituti Clinici UniverfitatisVilnenfis. AuQore Jofcpho Frank, 346
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It must not be forgotten that the mucous membranes of the child are more
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and clear, and exceeded the normal quantity ; the density was from
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centa, Ur. Eastlake throws out a suggestion as to the jjossibility of
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be directed to William D. Coder, director of confer-
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medical officers under sixty years of age, of good health and physique,
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or it can be left to be opened by the surgeon as an
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be saturated if the action of density be required ;
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extremities are almost invariably involved, but one or more of the
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but affect certain areas, while intervening tracts of tissue appear to be normal.
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shows a healthy reactive area around the stitch, with some degeneration of muscle
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easy, however, to show that tliis is not actually so, except in the
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pour into his ear. To distinguish betweefi distemper and
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tation for which the doctor has probably only charged him one dollar.
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cause of the formation of the emulsion. M. Bernard, however, shows the
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was found. The patient died, and the post-mortem examination showed that Ro-
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high fever, aching joints, tight and aching skin, and a cough. In this
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of the bowels. The term has lately been extended so as to signify
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1 should, 1 tliiiik, almost invariably operate. The
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the report stated, “These results indicate that exposed
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processes of the skin that persisted for a long time,
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constitutes a " Bettina " fund, called after the baron's
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(inorganic and organic). Biology and a modern language.
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jection of chromic acid. The serum of the animals thus treated was toxic
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