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Civil Service; salary depends upon previous experience
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Charcot has suggested that this remarkable symptom depends upon the
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(barely two ounces) of meat, weighed before cooking, per diem, supplemented
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many boards appointing their own examiners, educited in
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round trip for one fare to members attending the meet-
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tenance and treatment of a large number of patients
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part of the machine. I mean only that a fair amount of
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selves against infection by milk it is advisable to sterilize all
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all the structures of the body are undergoing degenera-
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to satisfy the child's desire for play, but also as influences for knowledge as
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the urine, but this is soon effected by reducing the
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ally from the throat and mouth. Epistaxis is sometimes so profuse as to
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bourne, 1891, n. s., xiii, 332.— Boeitcher (H. H.) Eusta-
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the toothache, it should be applied by him because no other
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complaint that while eating and sleeping normally, with no unusual
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cover it with several dry blankets so that no part is exposed, and
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the sides of the oesophagus, formed apparently by a kind of hernia
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the eruption in tlie order mentioned. The whole physiognomy of the chiM is
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One of the most troublesome cases I ever saw, acquired the
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maker. B. H. ScHLOMOviTz, M.S., Chicago, and C. S. Chase, M.D.,
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may be stated as a rule, but, unhappily, there are not a few exceptions.
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this report I wish to summarize my experience by saying I have given Sanmetto a
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Prentiss" case was a man, fifty-three years n\ age, with ad-
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At the close of the last meeting of the Association,
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and fibrous tissues in other parts ; the term has also been applied to neu-
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lowed opening the abdomen when the infection is lim-
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Anderson, Jaraes R., Esq., Surgeon, to the Favourite.
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oxidizing agent instead of chlorid of lime. He adds to the urine a small amount of a
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Decision against Faith Cure.— A man at White Plains,
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cloudy urine; heaviness, or feeling of stiffness and powerlessness in the
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