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described. (Esophagus, larynx and trachea are empty and normal ; in
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may be traced through all stages of progressive degeneration from
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Loud., Arn.y, August 2, 1858 ; Charles Henry Allfrey. M D. Uuiv. Edinb.,
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by which it is conveyed to the bodies of men ; but that the analysis
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must be adapted to the curve of the sacrum in order to reach
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Malta and Gibraltar. Practitioner, Lond., 1885, xxxiv,
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Swazis live; they have built their homes. This means that a lot of
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markable action. It may be that strophanthine and extracts of
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had a happy and fruitful idea. In order to excite the emulation
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The elements capable of giving rise to roots are not confined to the
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ney can be found in all portions of the abdominal cav-
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tbiokness of the little finger, which was tightly stretched from the middle of the
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groin. When the tumor was dissected out of the scrotum, it
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dense masses of cells there was a considerable amount of fibrin, in which
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tal conditions ; but these ' hints to those about to go into hys-
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of these symptoms he was sent to stay with his brother in the
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convicts. I was apprehensive that we should find an exception to the
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would sufficiently aecount for the projection. During the
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powerful odor. The oils of garlic, horseradish, assafeetida, and
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may be sometimes puzzled, and then I advise you to give only a provisional
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that no apparatus is required, it vaporizes at ordinary
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before. It is as if Nature were accumulating force to
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or very cold (40°) lotions, medicated with antiseptics.
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Conn., with having practically hit upon the same idea, as may
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bered, however, that estivo-autumnal infection may also cause inter-
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th.ngs. Webehebe .hat the sick coming on.a after operations. They show duration
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second, by electrolysis ; and third, by cataphoresis.
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had lu'ver closed sincf the date of the operation, three
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It should be given in sufficiently large doses to impress decidedly the nerv-
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former the credit And I want to say that it is a specific for all that
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influence brought to bear by the medical attendant may
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a wagon as an operating table and the driver as chief assistant.
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We are fully aware of the ease with which the calculus can
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unconcernedly as he would say I am fifty-two years old, and he shows an analysis
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an inch apart; but in case of exposure to smallpox three or four such
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in the proving of medicines. He questioned concerning the
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« Itinerary of Greece (translation), vol. ii, p. 27.

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