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dcncy of works like the present is by no means beneficial, but
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protecting the health of the community, which is my life work. I beg
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most infinite number of other articles, many of which
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in the median line does not exist ; and it is to be remembered that the
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plaints of the liver and lungs, to remove to Spain, Italy, Turkey, or
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Landerer has investigated, and published in a mono-
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Operative technique is hardly within the scope of this article, but it may
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them . . . since they [midwives] are not instructed in this matter, added to
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will, I think, find it hard to believe that acute disease is never curable
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of late have addressed the Journal as to the necessity of an
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5. A paper sent by Dr. J. Matthews Duncan, of Edinburgh,
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teachings, in spite of the ridiculous phariseeism of the old-school
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ject. In his vicinity there was a prejudice against chloroform, in par-
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and during the administration of veratrum viride. These records
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The larynx and trachea were, as I expected, quite fre*
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tional battle injuries and wounds, 0.6. Theater evacuation policy
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Case of Lupus treated b}' Brass Paste and Bro ... ... ... 151
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following objective changes become manifest in one, two or more weeks:
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medicine, which is all the more dangerous because of the false
liver may be noted in impairment of the voice; as wit-
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the breast was advocated. Several very extensive operations
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the minute cells, the every-way and everywhere portable dust,
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by the drawing of air through the trachea and bronchi into the lungs.
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xvi, 207-276, 2 pi. Also, transl. : Arch. Opbth., N. Y., 1887,
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