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lished, since the subsequent history and spontaneous recovery of some

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Motor aphasia may often be associated Avith motor amusia ;

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pain and vomiting cease for a while, and even the appetite returns.

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whether in Medicine, law, science, or literature, is under the

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have recently been married, or who are approaching or have reached the meno-

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The patients are not allowed to leave until free from

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stethoscope to the heart of a man whom I had never seen before, its beats sud-

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puerperal state more trequently than is commonly supposed. 2.

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[ and other faculties, although weak, are still present in a greater or less degree ;

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P.^THOLOGY. — Castex ' describes a condition in this disease some-

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became dark and her stools clay colored. The jaundice

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angle of 90° (with the first phalanx). It springs in the same way

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cinations, and one of them suffered with transitory

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show any reaction. Rullmann (30) gives the following data bear-

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normal. On the left side an enlargement of the kidney can

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was not completed; that no progress report had been

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the appearance of the nose suggested a deviated septujn. The patient said

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a disturbance in the functions of the latter, either a frequency or

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that the tumor must have be^ precisely in the situation of the

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(August 24, 1572), held the office of "Pathe" in the church

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transmission, and methods of reducing the risk of infection.

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creased in severity during the past six months ; appe-

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earn 6.05%** interest and are rate-guaranteed up to one year.

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recurred. At the age of eleven he had what was termed "low

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and interested county citizens. Also supporting the new

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know that the pulse rate per minute in infancy is about 120, in child-

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ment of insanity." Even if this were eradicated, there is another which must

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in the American Journal Medical Sciences, Vol. 116, p.

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be likewise able to exercise this control. Unfortunately, as a rule, children

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cent while 6i or 32 per cent were free from tuberculosis of the lungs and

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reaction in the bone marrow, and this can only be ade-

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hemorrhage occurring during the removal of the cyst,

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