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sisted throughout the day of the 3d. I first saw the

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in almost all cases in which the symptoms are not relieved by large doses of

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two or three times a day with food, gradually increasing over

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in making free incisions through- the periosteum, and thus give

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season, the experience of the operator, etc., has been statistically recorded

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complete. No pulsation as yet in the posterior filial.

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confined to the lower part of the femur, but that the io

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ment the publisher, but in looking over the vast amount

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ing with the heels close together, the knee-joints were sepa-

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extent that the uterus had passed out between the recti,

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keeping dampness from the books and fot fire protection. The

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with apnoea in fatal affections of the organs of respiration. In fact, in a

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are induced, we may infer that some microorganisms are harmful solely

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regarded as synonymous. Particularly difficult to deal with, on

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while one might think there would be little difference

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ever yet been done since the foundation of the Govern-

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In all cases after the stricture has been dilated to the size desired,

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This young woman, aged 29, has a circular inflammatory patch in

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^Pathological Society Transactions, vol. xxxii, p. 360.

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observed, in all probability, by Charles Bell 2 in 1832; Benedikt 3 in 1864;

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^clampsie puerpirale.) — 13. Braun. Puerperal Eclampsia. Trans. Matthews

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out the slightest perceptible entrance of any of them

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— no trained nurses — frequently a long way fi^om

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.Movable dulnoss upDii chan^'i- of position, tlie ul)s<'iK'e of tympany in the

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when they arise from or impinge upon the sensitive por-

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fracture may be made and the distal fragment adjusted to the position

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vessels, lymphatics, and sweat glands ; towards the


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lar workin the profession, and especially as a text-

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In the first place, therefore, we may examine some of the work

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fulness. Owing to their anatomical position there can

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one case in which, before the characteristic green expectoration

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