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L Dopa Carbidopa

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favorable. The ratio of deaths fi-om this disease, to recoveries, is, as
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as a "chronic carrier." A "temporary carrier" is a person in good
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foot and leg, on account of disease of the tarsus, misled by the
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a tin can? What a great place to stash something. Remember—
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the second year, since the increased strength of tlie child gives
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fession for the extreme care and diligence with which
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battle of Sedan, which was followed by the capture by
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would have blinded him. Glasses correcting his ame-
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common cocaine solution is almost worthless at the end
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can we pass to a universal, that all true teaching is of experience. I think
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more liable to a second, and that this proclivity is increased by every
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true and false croup. We may learn the propriety of putting young patients
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was introduced into the other arm, with but little loss.
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4 Osmotischer Druck- und lonenlehre, Wiesbaden, 1902, p. 365.
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occasioning more than a little grumbling on the part of
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improper treatment the plaintiff had become a cripple for life.

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