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Diltiazem Nifedipine And Verapamil

muscular irritability is apt to be increased and the muscular prominence

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cial tissue. Sponge-grafting has failed. Abstraction

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it is to be repaid by exaction in the event of the unfortunate

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liams (H. L.) An apparatus for bathing typhoid fever

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creased; and, in less than two months from the time

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should be given only in small doses, combined at times

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substances in uranium ore. Thus, Mme. Curie with her husband

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Absorption, Motility, and Digestive Power of the Stomach.

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sick-chamber itself." " Among the poor (I am still quoting from

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tumonr were cut through, and those on the outside treated in a similar

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M. & S. J., 1883-4, xii, 484-492. Also, Eeprint. Also:

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following report was made : Specific gravity 1005, faint cloud of

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Results of Tuberculin Treatment at the Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium. —

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There can be no doubt that, under certain conditions, not very

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sors were, in large measure, independent of the State, and

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of their lymphocytes by means of x-rays, and the increased resistance

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American Dermatological Association. Jour. Cutaneous and

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All injections give rise to contraction of the womb, both of its body and

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but it is not more so than other explanations that have been offered for

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can say they are useless, and pyroxylic spirit wc can confi-

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Medical writers in general are lately including under the tenn

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In my experimental and clinical work, I have concerned myself

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To preserve fresh preparations the specimen is irrigated with 2 per

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ihoidal plexus, it is to be mentioned among the causes of hsemonhoids,

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were enlarged, especially the left, anteriorly. An elnt rir li.i;ht

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sciences in Heidelberg and Berlin, his patriotism recalled him in

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the sake of the increased clinical advantages offered

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Tbeatment — Prophylaxis, — Upon this head we refer to what has

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zation 2 by the Barany (vestibular reaction) test and

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graphically represented in Fig. 1. The tracing shows the calculated

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larity of the periods is common about puberty and at approaching men-

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stomach or duodenum, affections of the gallbladder and bile-

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be erected at Richfield Springs. We are also told that a

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On Thursday evening Henry C. Lea, Esq., the medical book publisher, will

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tumour can be emptied, and when compressed it is made

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