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fat, separation of bowel loops and deformity of the right
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about ^60,000. These negotiations fell through, but
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As the disease advances the odour of the urine as a rule becomes more
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Group 3; Late Castration; Five Animals. β€” Castration was carried out as in Group
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branes, including the reservoirs for venous blood, which are peculiu
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where the State itself had administered antityphoid vac-
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informed that tincture of assafcetida was now sold on a
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the medulla ; to disorders of bulbar origin are then added symptoms
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come somewhat more comprehensible. In the first place, it is quite
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family, but having a hereditary disposition to tuber-
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47. Wounding. β€” The following are cases apparently parallel, yet not without
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cid cornea, which might be replaced by one taken from some of
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learned, but only furnishes him the means, the indispensable
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being flexible, and the orifices " velvet-eyed," the danger
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to the great man's question. Now, of course, in the average case certainly
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whom were two boys sent by order of the King ; also, a young woman
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elected by the House of Delegates each year, and two members elected by the
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bolic acid and the coal-tar disinfectants. McClintock and Ferry ^ have
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obvious that such work cannot be expected of officers who are on
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but there was no jaundice. His urine was normal in every respect. He
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symptoms resembling those of uraemia. Besides, there never has been
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portion well preserved muscle fibres of normal appearance and size ; all
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tangible substance. But what microscope has ever discovered
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ton (J. E ) Note on tlie jire-sence of iron in the liver and
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114 Mr. Morris's Case of Successful Nephrolithotomy.
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In acute cases, in which a prompt and copious diaphoresis is aimed at,
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of his illness the typhoid state suddenly developed, and
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The parts of the body should be well proportioned, the
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exposed on the forehead, but not insulated, there followed
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agony ; and 1 from the immediate effects of the operation.
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Pleurisy with Effusion; Superficial Gangrene.β€” I^r. w.
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the line of incision to soften the plaster. Having re-
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1899, li, 663-680. β€”Van Iloeter. Fractures. J.demfed.,
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manufactories. One hundred thousand tons are annually consumed
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pointed out. A number of useful drawings are scattered about the
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that such an ovum is present in the decidual membrane.
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ceedingly grave, the only treatment being some operative
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the following day, when the temperature had risen to 104, blood culture showed

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