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place will have been smoothed out, as it were, by the pressure of the
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biy, we may account for the small number of disorders of the bi-
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character — a thing no one disputes. Then " the laws of trans-
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early in the day to assert that all the Mendelian doctrine holds for man,
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having elapsed, the head uncovered ready for operation. I think a mask
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ing, crosses, overloading of the stomach, &c., occasion, in every
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which was complicated by gonorrhea, this period had been passed, and in
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cheeks and lips. And, as Cullen has remarked, the patient complains
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insufficiency (as well as pernicious anemia); Gull described
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cations of the ventral surface of the skeleton as imperatively
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the narrow arch in mouth-breathers. He called atten-
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muscular irritability is apt to be increased and the muscular prominence
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Ell^aunce's statistics: L. V., 23; R. V., 7; L. A.,
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LoRiNG, L. Y., Assistant Surgeon. — Granted leave of ab-
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nerve-fibers and of the intramuscular branches, atrophy of the muscle-fibers,
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in one single injection, instead of in four, over a period
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of the facts connected with wounds as various causes of death.
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which exhausts it, and gives an interval. This is a vague and obscure
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result of the observation of a few seconds, as I grew absolutely
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fever, repeated cultures were made from secretions of
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The strychinia is next crystallized out by evaporation.
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