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Amantadine For Flu

whole body. M. Kenauldin has given a case of this kind

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very efficient as a means of removing long, round, or thread-

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The stimulating of the olfactory region with certain odors

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tion of the rhus voice, resembling the cri encephalique of the child.

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blood is warmer and begins to be so before the chill comes on.

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of olive oil into the urethra will often dilate a stricture "and lessen

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trouble whatever. This bold operation, although very

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been discharged cured. After trying within the past

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to the testimony of prominent physicians who have employed

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production, the forces of life being thus exhausted. In many-

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in the twenty-four hours remains very nearly the same, being on

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the pathology of venereal diseases, their mutual relations

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were not marked, but progressing, as was also glandular involve-

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by a remarkable change in the appearance of the mem-

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tain cases of labor where the pains assumed this character.

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amount of fluid through this channel. It may be aided materially

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the one may be superposed on the other. In these two cases

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Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, 233 East Tliirty-fourth Street. 1,958

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ease from developing. As this remedy will obviate further

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ever, written until he was very advanced in life, and at a

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ods may be sometimes combined; though, if the symptoms indi-

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mistaking inflammation of the ovary or Fallopian tube for appen-

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marked degree, and in cases of long standing, its tonic effect may

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ation except when water was thrown into the peritoneal cav-

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mass of the profession was worshipping at new altars and

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a power which restrains excessive secretion. It is extensively

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and learned to know as constant expressions of life, but we wish

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is ever expecting some cruel misfortune to descend upon her.

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by by-law limited to half an hour, and by custom including (1)

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The tongue may be coated along one side only, or it may

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