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of club-foot are sub-divided into degrees ; viz., 1st, 2d and 3d, which^Q

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only the surrounding but distant organs, and finally destroys

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and readily curable by the heart-tonic, digitalis, the recognition

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mucli impaired. Extension of head and neck impossible and the head fell

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the backward curvatiu^ of the neck, usually continue in this stage.

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a horizontal posture; and, though he recovered the vokmtary

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The Annual Scientific Program is developed by The Medical

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ize this bill. The doctor said he never itemized a bill. Well, the man

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" Catherine Copa, set. 6, admitted in July, 1827 ; pale, thin,

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which is itself very healing when used in this way, as

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to admit the hand. The patient should be under the influence of

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is made, you are willing and even desirous to open your columns in

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circulation and delicate health, and such patients require faithful care

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pneumonia complicating measles; any and all of those which may

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have done Mr. I. B. Brown's late publication and the

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microscopic picture is even more delicate and distinct in color

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about from side to side in the vain attempt to fall asleep, and

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unexplained way through its influence on the ))ituitary — a

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type; indeed these two types are often associated in the same lesion.

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det'j) cervical, and supraclavicular), were systeniatically exaniin<(l

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the Demonstrator, are open throughout the year, except in July and August.

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excitement of the heat-centre through irritation of the peripheral nerve-ends

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but without involvement of the media and without obstruction

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Not only can the larynx be photographed, but it can be

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Pleurisy, which is of rapid course, insidious, and variable according to

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to obtain a light and uniform degree of cloudiness. This sus[)en-

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not roughened expiration and surely not the presence of rales are

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The experience of the Brooklyn physicians is very large, and their

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at the Post-graduate Hospital about a year ago. There was a

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methods for the solution of the Tuberculosis Problem, by

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I once saw in a case which had been under the care of Dr. Osborne

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by practitioners who were not also trained surgeons.

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to me by a medical man for consultation upon all the circum-

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Etiology. — The disease appears to be the direct result of

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