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leucorrhoea. The recurrence of the courses is with more difficulty explained. Wo-
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ordered every night. In the course of the evening of the 29th it was
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attribute death in this case to swelling up of the vascular tumour, in consequence
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your own health ; it is, in a great measure, within your reach, and is the richest gilt
geon, at Oedt and Diisseldorf, during the ten years ending in
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of rye bread was found to be 115 mg. per 100 c.c. From the
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CaMar Bean as an Antidote to Strychnia, — Dr. Thomas B. Fraaer,
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Cholangiostomy (ko"lan-je-os'to-me). The formation of a fistula
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which follows not only from the cause I have mentioned, but is sometimes a direct
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(3) The coughing up of blood is ahnost pathognomonic of
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In the pauents suffering with advanced diabetes I have not
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of 3 to 4 Uters of milk from which the whey has been taken off,
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stimulation. Pain normal. Temperature normal. Vibratory
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like manner, some of the sacral and coccygeal tumours are com-
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Three office calls were made during the following year.
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Marm6 concludes his paper by describing the mode of detecting
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AxosPONGiUM (aks-o-^pun'je-um). The mesh-work structure com-
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there any intellectual aberration. Four aborted and three were confined befbre
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world will render life no longer worth possessing — seeing herself a scorned and
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placed. The godfather being seated, and the child placed on a cushion in his lap,
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time when he was first referred to this Institute by Dr. Russell
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2. Dr. Kidd cites the account of the affection given by Simpson,
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small artery sometimes runs between the lesser petrosal and the
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J. Vernon. — ^The patient was a boy, aged 14, who was brought
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Griesinger passes under review the various medicinal agents
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In the first ten months of the year 1864, the wind blew from
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had given way. The spinal nerves over a large extent of the chord,
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the autonomic nervous system showed no evidence of auto-
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April 24th of the past year (1867), with well-marked but not severe
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as a nurse to an illegitimate child, and not being registered, should
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press down the bowels and derange the womb are prolific causes of complaints that
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by these things great injury is often done to the child, and frequently miscarriage
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effects of some disease, and had then recovered from it. The increase of weight

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