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lows : The removal, as far as possible, of all localizing causes, the trans-
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tion at all times a little, and occasionally a good deal. So too
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that most effective opposition was found in our own ranks* As a direct result
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Tcunde, 1879, i, p. 18), had expressed the conviction that the
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oil-cliith, fell, and was unable to rise. On admission, each femur
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in connection with duodenal ulcer is rare. The roentgen demon-
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those things Vhich savor distinctly of progress, is likewise a
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shall presently discuss, affords another remarkable example of the
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Distribution of Firm's Stock. — The firm of Parke,
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All the soluble salts of Barium are poisonous ; in small
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condition six months after as before the operation,
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5 per cent. These figures are certainly much lower than
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At times vomiting may come on in a manner almost explosive, much as in
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gradual and simple weakness, decline and cessation of the
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Journ. Vol. X. p. 192 J " the danger of a large bleeding is less
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tation of the thigh far up was performed, and the parts dressed
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them. We find it as a result of syphilis. In some of these
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facility in reading, much as our best planned institutions for similar
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vous conditions and tuberculosis when uncomplicated
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declared it valid. A second certified copy of the statement shall be
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ing to the anaesthetic, I began an ''antiseptic" operation. I
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corrigerant). The dose is from 4 to 8 grains, or i grain
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"Accidents Caused by the Eoentgen Kays." [Journ. de Soe. Med.
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centa and uterus, such vast adhesions, occupying the space of several
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may explain some of the picture in the author's cases.
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1. Meisel A. The legal consensus about forgoing life-sustaining
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mission, and to that end all the elements of its organization should tend.
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confined to the lower part of the femur, but that the io
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fair condition; but as soon as the foul matter and pus was
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3. All patients, when possible, should be given a rest space previous
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which was applied in the form of a plaster and repeated until

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