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but most, because of their rarity, receive little atten-

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the I'allopian tube or in the ovary, with simultaneous

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the attack was fatal. Still more rarely suppuration of the submaxillary

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(«. A--'/,-.w,^v//. t'naip), .iiui iluTi- tn.iv be .i U-u Jipl,H-..>vi (,S7„-,v.-r.,„ „,

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the vulva, just inside the posterior commissure. There

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outbreaks. The nodules should be looked for over the bony promi-

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in the one associated with jaundice there was a most interesting

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Obst. Soc, 1892-3, xviii, 195-200. Also: Edinb. M. J., 1892-3,

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centres, all feel the influence of this powerful stimu-

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pendix is the seat of a necrosis, which is not infrequently gan-

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after the fourth month of pregnancy and perhaps before. Finally, the

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quito-proof rooms, which its engineers can take with them as their

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recently past, and also in those persons only who have long suffered

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body cavity and the external surface. It simply demon-

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from a piece of crockery twenty years ago. There is

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erect, i. e., it will have suffered no inversion, as is

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and head are to be kept warm by suitable, but not too heavy,

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positive observation deserves particular attention, and

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pale and faint, but in a few days all traces of the occurrence

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development is alleged is general paralysis ; but the

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lated easily: it is the minimum energy necessary to produce visual

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These trophoneurotic changes are usually most marked in the extremities

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