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in the same place with each succeeding attack. Neuralgic pains are not

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seldom invade the cerebellum or corpus striatum, but occasionally the

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walnut, or even larger. No matter what the size of the individual yaw, it

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as often occurring in rickety infants among the early symptoms, perhaps

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ment will alfo be much greater, and aft on the organical parts

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sound side, being pulled over by the elastic drag of the other lung.

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** This quantity will be under 3 -gib. /fr head, for apparel ^id

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* The means of knowing where water lies under any ground,

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cause is not always the same, and certain forms are easily explained.

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nitely prolonged, and there is the hope of ultimate cure.

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disease, suffice, as a rule, to guide to a correct diagnosis. A not infrequent

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Hutchinson, on the other hand, is of opinion that it is quite possible, by

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ful affection of the jawbone. To this general statement there are ex-

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pufifiness : the face was markedly puffy. Vomiting and intennittent

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of the jawbone. It is believed that through a penetrating caries of the

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diac drugs, and others often necessary in the general management

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rupture of a duodenal ulcer, or ulcer in the pyloric region of the

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time is too full, the horfe is faid to be cow, or pot-bel-

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white briony. A large fpoonful or two of the calciti-

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o{ cattle rafped, the hair of cattle, woollen rags,

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and for others the water was acidulated with vinegar,

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foot, anasarca (without albuminuria or evidence of cardiac disease), and dia-

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alkaloids have been grouped with the amines or amides, ammonia sub-

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antisyphilitic measures should be employed before there is much thickening

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fon they ufed to be deemed inferior in point of qua-

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appears to be threatening, or if the brownish red reaction with perchloride

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We must not forget that anatomy as truly concerns the invisible

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both before and behind, w ill be fo much pulled and

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a support is recommended it should be made of material sufiici-

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precautionary measure, Mediterranean towns should be avoided, if pos-

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frequent, but vary in intensity and extent, and may be altogether absent.

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of the cheek, whereby the duct is opened to the exterior.

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sequent reaction, and other signs of peritonitis, will help us. Poisoning

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with them to reform sodium bicarbonate and the acidosis is cured. On account

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than two ounces; oranges, one large; banana, niu»; prunes, two, very

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of the common duct into the duodenum. Often, when this has happened,

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