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the lesion. A failure to do this is in itself against
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listening at that situation, especially over the point where
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muscles in which the respiration proceeds undisturbed, while the defec-
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10,000) is not usually desirable in operative work, because
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Savory immediately set about procuring it, but his correspondent in
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from m^l care, it was veiy uncommon in the Phil^elphia epide^
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stream ; while in the latter there is an over-filling of the skin vessels, with
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You might commence the gradual reduction method and
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ing. On the morning of July 23d the fever still continued and also
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irregular chills, heavily coated tongue, profound head-
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soon coagulates, forming an uniform soft ! in temperature; its influence extends more
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subject by different writers, and Dr. Winters doubtless had
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vices of a good assistant for its successful employment.
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The case recorded by Allaben is deserving of special
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in watery solution injected on Ist November. Expectoration of blood took place
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marked an<l p«-rmiinent uterine displacemont would interfere
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simple methods are at the same time the more efficacious.
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This is probably a misunderstanding, as the history
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stances, and in the temperate zone, health is best pre-
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ances, which in case of prolonged activity, may lead
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the case of the tuberculous femur, however, extend farther —
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Strenuous attempts have been made in this bacterio-
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type, which is more infrequent, sometimes ends in suppuration,
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data upon which a trustworthy account might be founded
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in so far as fatty degeneration has taken place, and, in proportion to the
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done through failure of the patients to be referred to an oculist
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"mare magnum" of Greek medicine, and our only regret in calling atten-
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New York State, and as "The Father of the Parks" of

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