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come ideas, and delusions take the place of emotional

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logy, and many signal improvements achieved in this branch

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nature. It will be to him a po.sitive temptation to

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direct dictates of the Deity ; and in urging compli-

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the result ofinjury, are on record ; but its occurrence is not

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On the 27th inst. Dr. Ware meeting Mons. Bougard, inquired of

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periodicals, or even in the standard works of medical

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that medical men, whose education costs a lai-ge sum

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the wane. We have got rid of bone-setters, of water-

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The pustules, in all ordinary cases, will be found sufficiently

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reading with great satisfaction and profit, and which

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an attack of typhus by such heroic remedies as blood-

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healed well : and at the time of her discharge from the hos-

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mouth Public Dispensary, as a token of gratitude for

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real meaning. It siu-ely is not the business of me-

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positive denial of having acted improperly, in self-

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short time. I give it in doses gradually increased to two

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cline of Acute Diseases": Mr. Henry Lee, " On Acute Inflam-

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of the prime movers of the opposition to the Report ;

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