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cation ; but it does not admit of analysis, in the brief manner

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Adapin has a variety of pharmacological actions with its predominant action

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Nothing is said of petechiaB or ecchymoses. In the New York epidemic

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ease. It was eventually brought about, to the unspeakable joy of his medical at-

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uni-ovular twins on the one hand, and the simplest tumours on

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(he Statu Legislature for the erection of a special hospital for the care

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on the other hand most patients bear well the ^^th of a grain, and

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patient is rendered more corafortiiblo, notwithstanding the emphysema

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tendons of the extensor ossis metacarpi and primi internodii pollicis, and

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Barth (H.) De la filiiire du sang et de ses rapports

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January 30-February 4, 12th Annual Scientific Assembly. Am.

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clothing— having been removed, the coaptation of the textures,

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light lamp at a distance of 8| inches and at an angle of 45 degrees is

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being done, a piece of drainage tube should be tied to the silk and

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which he devotes seven pages; winding up with this sapient

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sense preventives of disease, not to mention depressed vital-

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profuse; hence I have termed it the hasmorrhagic type. The

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of the trypanosomes in the blood. When not actively pi'O-

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Cancer can usually be distinguished by the ulcerations,

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millions of little pores, by which she increases the process of evapora-

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The above report was accepted and the following resolution

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either disappeared or been destroyed. The titles of the

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glands seemed as well established as any fact in physiological

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(i.e., beginning with passive congestion of the lungs posteriorly)

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appearances, from those developed by syphilitic influ-

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