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ing to semi-solid food as the gastro-intestinal symptoms

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tube (in some of these animals the doses were much larger than

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usual. Two cases of this disease may be noticed as presenting

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orifice results in the formation in the substance of the arterial walls of a

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indicate a negative case. The right kidney, however,

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Case VI. — A healthy-looking man, aged 40, was admitted

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. because the motor centres at this situation were involved, but also

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menon in the development of a corn. On the contrary, although

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reasonable, so that the less skilled assistants may comprehend its purport,

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moving about for hours, or lying in bed actively busy in many ways,

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tion best adapted for carrying off the lacrymal secretion. The ala of the

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and the psoas muscle. In these cases the growth had extended directly

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meatus, near to the membrana tympani. As they increase in size, they cause

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by an actiTe muBCular contraction, and that such act is indispensable

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The song of Kudos is, unfortunately, too often Bung

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Bizmlngham Xedlctil College held its annual commence-

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ing which time there is involution, or an elimination

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of gastric neuroses there were 40 cases of nausea nervosa (2.5 per cent.),

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Patients should be warmly clad, and be careful to avoid the risks of

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pulse on the prognosis of influenza, or, let us say, on the chances of

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