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dren were still born, and the labour severe, nearly one-half

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of the drug had a sedative effect upon the patients.

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dent. The three hour plate, which was accidentally [trokcn. of the

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be instantly, pulled up and started over at the trot.

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ing, and particularly when the evidence is opposed in principle

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the disease may be, artificially as it were, produced ; the monkey

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symptoms will lead to a diagnosis of Pott's disease

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or the forcible manipulation of the jaw by the anes-

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being again soaked with blood, I found, to my surprise, the little loop

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strument, otherwise the following observation never could have been made by him :

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Spondylitis of Middle Dorsal Vertebrae, after Treatment 458

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tracting recovery ; in the delay of clearing up of the

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years. I only want to know why those thirteen children died from

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methods of teaching shall be, or what degree of proficiency shall

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hot as bearable, well answered my purpose. The extreme pain

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preparation of this very interesting case is now preserved in the

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symbiosis, or to both. Death resulted on the eighth

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nervous type, lost her voice a few minutes after the

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he later presents to the fleet surgeon for his approval

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of gallstones or intestinal disturbances. During this

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some tissue at side of toes. But since I put a pair

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it had existed previous to entrance into the service

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of syphilis has virtually become an essential adjunct

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traction of its bill like mantle thus propelling it

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Such is a short outline of the cases commented upon by Dr. Hamilton. See

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the nose and throat of all hospital personnel and to

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cur in the early stages of tabes or of disseminated

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temperature of the air, and the use of heat or cold

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rheumatism, is often very limited in extent, and strictly a local

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call attention to the rapidly accumulating evidence

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distinguished editors, and so well calculated, in other respects,

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When an accident or injury has been received by the liv-

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ing fluids into the human body. The needle which is

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tions: and it is easy to only use one or two drops.

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adhere. On further examination we meet with vesicles which

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I regard it as the necessary result of three conditions :

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In this case, excision was performed in nearly the same man-

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points out that, to operate under proper conditions,

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and make, if necessary, sacrifices for their supfwrt.

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