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pine and unadorned cleanliness. And he did not have
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to the interests of the city, and from the time of his election to the
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covered by a German apothecary, Wilkousky. It is an
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they are massed together shows that they have been developed by a rapid
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It reaches its maximum in the autumn (Besnier). It is epidemic, but
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tegrating lung-tissue, or the pus may be inclosed by a limiting mem-
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*** To recommend a book which has so well recommended itself as to
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the liability to tlie disease diminishes afterward, and becomes quite small
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disease. I used Dr. Dale's prescription — sodse sulphit.
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smooth margin and surface, in an enfeebled constitution unaffected
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and the blood supply is kept up in the limb than if the limb is allowed to
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growth has resulted in two out of five cases in which we have attempted
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persons would seek to realize upon the scholarship which
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those subjects. The first division treats of therapeutics, and
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cient. Instead of a glass tube I have used Mattison's powder
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readily be seen that the liver is subject to the morbid effects of
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Latin is of greatest value, and excluding the commercialism of
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also, the transplantation was very difficult. The testes
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addition, there are 740 separate sections in the Coan
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in these parts, which had very much increased during the past
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that of the individuals themselves, separately considered, is
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paralysis are probably due to intense congestion, and the per-
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heart does not respond properly to stimulation. He is con-
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in succession, until, in the short space of three days, the
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intestine. They are often enlarged in consequence of disease.
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actinomycosis, in which the infecting microorganism had not developed
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ment of peculiar construction, in part we believe of his own contrivance,
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to man's material interests, and it is impossible to anticipate
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the condition so limited. For example, a case presenting the clinical
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Martin had tied the broad ligaments through the vag-
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cast aside, the lodger franchise introduced, and the borough
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making their neighborhoods ring awhile with their exploits, causing
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work, and that it is one of the best of its kind that
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sion of this secretion would account for some accumula-
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valuable medicine makes the above a frequent question ; and it may not be improper to
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