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in the war, in the early loss of a most gallant and promising

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is postponed the greater the chance of a more general tuberculosis and the

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disease, if we can artificially remove or suspend these secondary effects.

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from 102® F. to 105. 4° F., and the foUowing day she was


successful that is sufficient justification. If suppuration occurs

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election and tried his case, that he should not be al-

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Carbolic Acid, Permayiganate of Potash, Chloride of Zinc, Corrosive

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the border of Arizona and Mexico as an anesthetic with satisfactory and permanent

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maining chiefly in the interior horns. Most of them, however,

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for the convenience of students atrending the hospitals. For farther par-

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vessels were in a similar condition, whilst- the right side of the heart

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draws the blood away, as is seen by the reddening of the skin.

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cess, which seems so peculiarly American in its hus-

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for the limbs only, the pyramidal degeneration is almost entirely on

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lung one may obtain a friction sound, pure or associated

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u. Intecti(Uiskiaukh., Leipz., 1899, xxx, 295-327. Also,

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less prepared had he found the operation practicable, after this incision was

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sanatoria or other institutions or otherwise when suffering

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West, Jasper Daniel, a, w, sp, Memphis, Tenn. A.B. (U. of North Carolina) '24.

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tients), by Dr. Pick, of Prague ; " The Morbid Changes in the Neigh-

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It appeared to Dr. Zentmayer that there were many admirable

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relations of the tissues than on any property of the cells to

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The ordinary autopsical examinations, heretofore practised,

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amount of chlorin present in the waters of that locality. Thus, surface

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gray color, and is brought up in larger or smaller masses, especially

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a large quantity of thick odorless lymph with some localized injection

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power was not equal to its affectability ; affectability first appears

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the tissues beneath the base of the tumor. The oblique portion

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in young children, and he cites in proof of his assertion

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horse 1:18; in sheep 1:24; in pig 1:26; in ox 1:29 (Colin). As

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it has been set up by other causes in t|ie organism, but are entirely

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