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malaise, the attack supervenes, and thereafter, during convalescence or

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the first step is to select that indicator which is suitable for the

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dermatitis to bacteria or to their toxin products. We must be careful, how-

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It is interesting to remark that no education, however narrow, serves

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Diagnosis.— In the earlier stages the itching vesicles may be mistaken

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Patients often think that their ills are to be cured by gymnastics,

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tightly. The nsevus must be allowed to separate spontaneously, the

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occurrence will attract attention. Where diffuse oedema exists, erysipelas

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It is obviously in its beginning, when symptoms are few and ill

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months in the case of Haab, the usual period being from six weeks

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poison him, or to torture him. At first his suspicions are connected

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age of all the alopecias in which the denudation of the affected area is

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spasm ; mental and physical rest being both operative towards this end.

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control generally — much the same reasoning will apply that has already

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cellular infiltration ; while the horny layer of the epidermis was still

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in hysteria the anaesthesia is more likely to be distributed on the plans

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cording to Rous, is the opinion of Aristotle — for the Archaio-

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and those in which the most pronounced patches occur.

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Ross, in his earlier observations, made out the significant fact that

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peau, 1890. — 5. Bulkley. Maryland Med. Journ. Sept. 1891. — Idem. "Psoriasis,

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The degree of rest to be employed is of the utmost importance. Rest

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•such combined Figs, as 4 and 5 untrustworthy ; namely, that the supply

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Mr. X., aged 26, tutor, had been subject to constipation "ever since he can

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In the mind, therefore, the judgment is the most important, as it is

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the lines of the nerve-roots, and occupies the territory not only of the

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lotio. For delicate skins half the lime water may be replaced by

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reason of their stirring and digging the mould about the

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perhaps because search has not been made for them in autopsies on

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and increased rapidity of the blood-stream, producing increased warmth

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The amounts of sweat normally secreted by different persons in

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corresponds to a hair follicle, and is crowned by a firmly adherent tiny

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should find time to sacrifice in any way to the Muses. Still,

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able defect of motor power. In some cases, however, substantial muscular

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