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reopening of the abdominal cavity. There is in such cases a hindrance to peri-

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regulations as regards mode of life and general hygienic treatment are

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entry into the duodenum, and that it becomes obstructed partly by the-

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pancreas and allowed it to maintain, lor even increase its power

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*• Maftifs, after a little training, will be fie for this purpofe :

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their exact characters, as yet, have not been fully determined. Yersin

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of inhaling the phosphorus fumes. These fumes are composed of phos-

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all the extremities of their flefh are covered with it.

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prejudicial to fheep, as to occafion violent coughs, in

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Ankylostemum duodenale (Dochmius chiodenalis, or the tunnel-worm).

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tuberculosis, in the vaginal discharges ; and in tuberculous ulceration of

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lo the front fit to fight. <ir lunne fit to irnrl,-.

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nature confined within efficient barriers, evacuation of the contents and

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leads to the disorder. More frequently, however, an insufficiency of

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groins, the vicinity of the anus, the genitals, the axillse, and the angles of

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peritoneum, as in the phlegmonous enteritis set up by severe mechanical

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fairly frequently the seat of gonorrheal infection, namely, the sterno-

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ture of emerald-green. Arsenic is largely employed as a medicine in the

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ing in front to the level of the ensiform process. "When quiescent, its walls

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stances; {b) radiations (L.B. and X-rays) emitted by radioactive substances and

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per cent, by volume of oxygen. Krogh and Haldane have shown that

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are the simple waters classified in the first group. In cases of sluggish

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Treatment. — It is very important in all cases of pulmonary tuber-

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the morning. In the employment of purgatives for gouty patients the

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Amoeba coli occurs in the healthy faeces both of man and of certain

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The readers of The Bulletin will join with the University

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tion, including infra red, ultra violet and visible rays; (c) absorption

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It has been my fortune to visit officially for the British Government

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produce narcosis and paralysis, while others induce cardiac and respiratory

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