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affects the lower animals iu this part of the country (New

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Schneiderman, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P., and Paula S.

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levels have been reported. Rare episodes of seizures and

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The glucose tolerance test was made March 20, 1916. The patient fasted. The

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altogether changed in our country. The description in ' Eoderick

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insurance in general, and then special insurance, of which

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from the milder diphtheric forms." He also says that he neither advo-

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ment she slowly improved ; at the end of about ten days the bleeding ceased.

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Shukei.dt Robert W., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. —

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From limited observation of their use in incisions I believe they do harm when

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nitis. Drainage ultimately restores the structures to their normal condition.

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sausage makers and because they are in the last stage of emaci-

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doses up to 38 times the human dose did not reveal any indication of

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Fort's operation was in reality an internal urethrotomy, and

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professional value. A physician is generally called to

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case, in producing the infection. In order to determine the other

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nli-('ii(lv hiHMi said, il is prohaMc tlial l)y llio use of our |'i"<»|»l)y-

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in pseudo-leucocythajmia uj)on the same grounds as in leucocytha^mia. In

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Northrop Auditorium, held in recognition of the work

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Fleisches eine schriftliche Anzeige, welche Belag fur die Zollregister

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cord, causiug complete motor aod sensory paralysis of the lower limbs, is not

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more swollen and numerous than in the case of cardiac anaemia. The

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physical investigation. By means of the laryngoscope we can easily

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