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Cuba in 1898. These were inflicted by Mauser and Krag-Jorgensen
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done by recrystallization with salts of barium, which chemically
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lasting than that of nitrite of amyl or nitro-glycerine.
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which the proposition was most unquestionably true ; but,
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a way as to widely separate the thighs at the lime of
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practically banished from Cuba. Think for a moment what
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addition to these cardinal symptoms there are others which demand
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on the lower extremities had been so unexpectedly favorable, it was resolved to stretch the
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muscle, increases intraocular tension, increases the
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into the working of the Vaccinatioa Acts was withdrawn.
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and highly apprehensive. Once such patients have acquired the idea
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is undertaken, the joint will be destroyed ; whereas in the other
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Mallory and Medlar* have isolated a strongly Gram-positive bacillus (Ba-
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«lectric bath. This is simply an ordinary bath with one of
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of cancer, and they should feel obliged to Mr. Lawson for his advocacy of j)rompt
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The protoplasm of the eosinophilic myelocytes is basophilic.
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observed swelling of the thyroid in half the cases of recent infection. Women
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blood disease, although the skin and mucous membranes were
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disease, and upon watching the progress of the case, have as invariably detected
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that affects the atmosphere in certain districts, the inhalation
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duced no beneficial effect ; the former, Indeed, very generally
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paying them for their services at their usual rates of charging. The hospital shall fur-
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