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Ayurslim Powder Reviews

solved then was : Given a married woman suddenly seized

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bride, Arthur Hanbury Frere, M. 8., CM., second son of the Rev. E.

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Charles M Watt, M.D.. retired, 2nd (Berwickshire) Volunteer Battalion

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The Congress of the British Institute of Public Health will

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.S;')a^i-/'Oj-.— Thirty-eight deaths from this disease were legistered ia


remarks made at this meeting, that the conviction is gaining ground that

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ethical rule which bears directly on the exceptional proceeding, there

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was utterly useless as a safeguard against small-pox and

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must be called liere to the simultaneous appearance of epi-

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side of the skull the growth is extending in the bone around the Internal

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of the swampy river creeks where these diseases abound,

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and ranged from 23 8 in Halifax, 24.(5 in Huddersfieid, and 2ti.6 in Croydon

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side, the deep at the upper border of the third rib. The

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tained by London medical students on reasonable terms.

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leftside. The teeth are sensitive and loose. A lowerbicu^^pid

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branes excision maybe safely performed. Excision should

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to the .Aurora. May ai-d: Francis A. Jeans, Staff-Surgeon to the Gnlalen,

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^ 722; and in Archives de Physiolotiie, Paris, 1891, July 1st.

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retro-ca;cal form I should generally prefer an oblique incision

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is preceded. But every pedestrian knows that his most suc-

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forthcoming. A seniority and distribution list, as in the Army Service

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tions under which natural selection comes into play.

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case the growth was soft and adenoid, and was excised ; in

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infected and the vagabonds and thieves will again be housed

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section. Within the last few years, owing mainly to the im-

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Dr. Galloway has printed, for private circulation only, his

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corpuscles or the quantity of haemoglobin contained in them.

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charge of 2s. is made to those who take no wine. It is hoped the dinner

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In 1869, at the Paris School of Medicine, I delivered several

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interesting to note the natural cure which has stopped the

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ampulla, and to contain a little muco-pus. The cavity was

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proper performance of the duties of his office, he indicates that this was

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London, by Professor Crookshank, assisted by Dr. Hewlett ;

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somewhat apt to wrap themselves in their own virtue, with

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months of this year, and were little more than half the corrected average

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PrE-SMiTH (F. H.). Introduction to the Study of Diseases of the Skin.

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area of each page, and is elegantly enclosed in a pink-lined

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Surgeon-Major \V. K. Hatch, M.B., Bombay Establishment, is appointed

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came through the wound. The water was therefore stopped,

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